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Professional Certificate
In Digital Marketing

A program that uses a growing digital platform that has many users around the world to generate additional income and can penetrate all corners of the growing digital market.


One of the digital fields that MUST be mastered is DIGITAL MARKETING. Digital Marketing is a very important skill for everyone in this era. Companies, business owners and entrepreneurs really need this skill. Digital Marketing is not just a promotion on social media alone. Many ways can be used to promote products by now various social media platforms exist.

This program is specially designed to form DIGITAL MARKETERS to understand the theoretical and practical knowledge of strategies that are specially designed and arranged to understand how to integrate all marketing channels online such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok in order to dominate the digital platform market segment more quickly.

With all digital marketing channels combined, it can improve the individual’s proficiency so that they can master the field of digital marketing easily and quickly. The key is to master the latest marketing strategies and technical skills of each digital or social media platform.

The implementation of this program opens up opportunities and spaces to help participants understand several strategies to master all marketing channels within a short period of time. This endeavor is to develop the potential of the participants towards giving birth to the participants knowing how to realize all marketing advertisements in all marketing channels to implement in business or organization.

Through involvement in this program, the advantage to participants is that they are exposed to the most UP-TO-DATE and fast knowledge so that the brand of the product or service is recognized by many, can increase a lot of sales and uninterrupted repeat purchases from customers.

What will FunnelEvo College teach me?

Februari 2024 , May 2024 , August 2024 , November 2024

Not available to student seeking credit exemptions

2 Months

Online Zoom & FunnelEvo+ Portal


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Programme Overview

This program implements the A, B, and C elements which include:

❖ Appearance
Learning the techniques of managing a marketing campaign and business brand image.

❖ Behavior
Improve practical marketing skills and be able to master various social media platforms.

❖ Communication
Learn the latest marketing strategies and techniques in more depth for 2 months.

Open to Malaysian Citizens and Permanent Residents with No. KP/My Card only.

Modul 1 : Introduction Of Digital Branding
– Fundamental Digital Marketing
– Digital Research/Opportunity

Modul 2 : Branding & Database Strategy
– Branding
– Website (KUASA)
– Understanding The Impact of Digital Customer Experience
– Digital Customer Service Strategy

Modul 3 : Step-By-Step Ads
– Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
– Creating & Targeting Display and Video Campaigns

Modul 4 : Data Analytics
– Ads Review
– Data Analytics Review

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Why Us

This course is conducted by a lecturer who is an expert in the field of marketing digital. The program emphasizes 80 percent practical and 20 percent theory

The Way We Teach

High result orientation is emphasized in this program to give birth DIGITAL MARKETER that every employer dreams of

Wide Partnership

This program is commissioned by FunnelEvo College

Certified Trainer

The lecturer is experienced in the field of digital marketing and has passed various challenges in implementing marketing campaigns for each platform digital. This is an added value to the participants in the workshop

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