About Us

A solid team driving a dream.

“Funnel Evo College is a TVET college that will be established in 2023 under the patronage of the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR).


“Explore the brilliance of industry-focused education in skills and literacy towards the optimum development of individual potential by providing quality skills programme”

We commit to provide integrated online marketing program using proven and simplified method and we strive to create and empower the economy and save the future of the nation.

To make it short, if you are thinking to do integrated online marketing, think of us as an extension to your team, using our experience and expertise to create result that everyone will be proud of.


To become an institution that provides quality skills to produce human capital that fulfils the needs of the industry.

Our values

“Funnel Evo College is a TVET college that will be established in 2023 under the patronage of the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR).

Funnel Evo College provides full-time course which is Digital Marketing Operation Level 3 (M731-001-3-2021) and short-term courses for workers from various industries. The involvement of the establishment of this college proves we are conversant and competent with the rapidly evolving technology in Malaysia. With the support of the authorities, it will contribute to a consistent level of excellence in quality, allowing us to move in line with industry needs and most importantly create proficient and brilliant teaching staff to have a direct impact on the formation of a competent generation of young people, strong identity with high social values.

This programme offers a more in-depth look at the strategic efficacy and execution excellence of the changing digital marketing campaign. Students will learn from social marketing to search marketing what it takes to succeed in their digital marketing endeavour.

Students gain theoretical and practical experience and knowledge as well as training in digital marketing subjects that will make them ready to immerse themselves in the workforce in the future. Job opportunities for this programme are plentiful and in high demand in Malaysia.

This programme will ensure graduates are prepared to embrace this transition and take advantage of the new business opportunities that exist.

We Believe In Being Passionate

Enjoy the challenge of constantly staying up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and techniques.

We Believe In Caring

A commitment to students’ cognitive development.

We Believe In Skill

Essential for any professional worker to succeed in their role.


Every solution we create is designed to help more people find success, more easily. So, if it is not world-class, it doesn’t go out the door. “Are you proud to put your name on it?” is the mantra we live by.